Paint Match Pro

Our car paint matching service can provide you with all the colours of the rainbow.  If you need to touch up your car's paint, whatever colour you're looking for, we will be able to assist you.

Stocking Holt’s Paint match Pro system we are able to colour match your vehicle with you.  In order for us to create a matching colour, we will need your vehicle's colour code information, which we will help you to determine where it is on your vehicle.  We then will offer a solution from the various options in store.  

Paint Mixing System

With over 50,000 shades to choose from, we will get the perfect match for your car.
Using our 48 mixing colours, we follow your vehicle manufacturer's formulations to create the perfect professional colour.  The 48 shades can be mixed and matched to create every colour under the sun.  We just need your paint code to determine the exact colour.  We can also make paint from colour swatches, so you match it up and we mix it for you.
Our specialist car paint mixing service starts from just £10.95.  Just give us time to mix it for you and you have exactly what you need.

Not just for cars either, if you want to paint anything in the home or garden, we will have a colour for you!